Barry’s Noah Sermon

The Sermon at Baulkham Hills North Anglican Church on Sunday 3rd April, 2011, was the fifth in a series on the early chapters of Genesis. Under the title ‘Noah – a Man of Our Time in a World of His Time’, the sermon covers the text from Genesis 5:28 – 8:22, and explores one particular theme, that of God’s ‘comfort’, or ‘rest’, the gift to Noah of God’s grace.
Barry’s Noah Sermon (400kB pdf)
Barry’s Noah Sermon audio file (10MB mp3, 45 mins)
Barry’s Noah Sermon Flash presentation (45 mins)

2 Responses to “Barry’s Noah Sermon”

  1. Mary Avery says:

    There is much here to reflect on and to inspire and encourage. A very welcome reminder of God’s faithfulness, holiness, mercy and grace. Many thanks.

  2. Barry says:

    That’s very kind of you, Mary. Your appreciation is appreciated! If you had any further helpful comments – good points, or points for improvement – I’d love to hear them. My brother tells me you’re from his old church in London, so I know you are used to excellent Bible teaching.

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