About Vernon Wilkins and this Site

This is the personal website of Vernon G. Wilkins, a Church of England Minister in the United Kingdom. This website, new as of September 2010, is predominantly devoted to some loves of his life – ‘Reading the Bible in Context’ (the term he prefers to ‘Biblical Theology’, ‘Hermeneutics’ and ‘Exegesis’), a.k.a. ‘Responsible Bible Handling’, and also ‘Christianity and Science’. It will host a variety of papers, mostly concerning both Reading the Bible from a Whole Bibleperspective and the interface between Christianity and Science. They will appear gradually, as soon as they can be transferred over from their current repository.

Vernon is a long-standing committed, evangelical Christian who lives in Dorset, England, where he is a member of a lively family church. At school he majored in mathematics and sciences, and then went to Trinity College, Cambridge to read Mathematics with Physics. After gaining a Mathematics degree he had a first career in mathematics teaching. This was followed by training for Christian ministry, and having obtained an Oxford Theology degree he has had a second career for many years as an ordained Church of England minister in the South East. Latterly he was in a teaching post, training leaders for Bible-teaching ministry. He is also profoundly interested in the interface between Science and Christianity.