“Flee Self-Righteousness” – a look at the Parable of the Unrighteous Manager in Luke 16

The parable of the unrighteous manager has discomfited preachers, Bible-teachers and commentators for ages – it looks as if Jesus commended dishonesty! Besides which, the standard interpretation that the point of the parable is to encourage shrewdness seems so ad-hoc and out of context. This paper discusses this difficult issue and suggests an alternative interpretation. It offers an understanding of Jesus’ intention that seeks to take due regard to its context in Luke’s gospel – both internal and external to the passage – the context, that is, of Jesus’ continual condemnation of self-righteousness.
The Parable of the Unrighteous Manager (300kB pdf)

Creation and Evolution, Theories in Crisis

A Seminar held in Sydney Australia on 13th May 2011. Barry and Vernon Wilkins gave this presentation at the request of a local Anglican church in Baulkham Hills North. The Flash movies (.swf), or alternatively the PowerPoint (.ppsx) shows, for the main talks, complete with embedded soundtracks, are all on the Downloads page.

Preaching to the Spirits in Prison

The notion of Christ ‘preaching’ to the ‘spirits in prison’ in 1 Peter 3, has fascinated commentators for ages. This now revised and extended paper proposes an outside-the-box take on this much discussed passage. It offers a much more natural and entirely useful understanding of words which have usually been taken in a rather obscure direction.
Preaching to the Spirits in Prison in 1 Peter 3 (338kB pdf)

Psalm 22 – Hope in Anguish, not Despair in Dereliction

Psalm 22 is a much loved psalm, depicting in a remarkably prophetic way the crucifixion of our Lord which happened hundreds of years later. This paper is at one level an overview exposition of this psalm. But actually it was written as a vital training exercise in the principle of reading New Testament texts in the context of their Old Testament control.
Psalm 22 – Hope in Anguish, not Despair in Dereliction (192kB pdf)

Genesis 1 – Creation for Redemption

Genesis 1 must surely be a definitive text for the timeline and storyline of the Bible. This paper offers an exposition of the opening chapter of God’s Word that looks at its major themes from a ‘whole Bible’ standpoint, and comes to the conclusion that there is redemption as well as creation in this much discussed passage.
Creation for Redemption — Rest and Refreshment in Genesis 1 (460kB pdf)

What is the Song of Songs doing in the Bible?

The Song of Songs, embarrassing to many of us and neglected by most of us, is either an allegory of spiritual things, or an in-your-face sex-manual, or so various parties insist. This paper (and a shorter article) by Barry Wilkins takes a different view entirely, arguing from consideration of context and the Reformation slogan ‘Christ in All the Scriptures’, that Song is both a celebration of the intimacy of ideal human love and a typological anticipation of the love celebrated between Christ and his bride, the church, without being either allegorical or lurid.
The Song of Songs in ‘Whole Bible’ Context (300kB pdf)
Short article (100kB pdf)

Field’s Sermon on Jude 3

For those interested in the works of this early Jacobean theologian (Richard Field, 1561-1616), here is a transcript of the hard-to-obtain seminal sermon he preached before the king (James I) in March 1604, just after the Hampton Court Conference.
Field’s 1604 Sermon on Jude 3 (750kB pdf)

A Bridge over Troubled Waters

A number of readers have asked if this old paper is ever going to make its way on to the site, so here it is. It was written somewhat tongue in cheek, and so must be read likewise. No green-ink letters from ‘Tetchy of Tonbridge’, please!
Bridge over Troubled Waters (436kB pdf)

Barry’s Noah Sermon

The Sermon at Baulkham Hills North Anglican Church on Sunday 3rd April, 2011, was the fifth in a series on the early chapters of Genesis. Under the title ‘Noah – a Man of Our Time in a World of His Time’, the sermon covers the text from Genesis 5:28 – 8:22, and explores one particular theme, that of God’s ‘comfort’, or ‘rest’, the gift to Noah of God’s grace.
Barry’s Noah Sermon (400kB pdf)
Barry’s Noah Sermon audio file (10MB mp3, 45 mins)
Barry’s Noah Sermon Flash presentation (45 mins)

Yahweh our Saviour

Yahweh is the covenant name of God, used nearly 6,000 times in the OT. But what does the name mean? This paper suggests an answer.
Yahweh our Saviour (567kB pdf)

The Persuasiveness of the Various Origins Views

The Origins Debate is surely one of the most vexed within the twin arenas of science and Christianity. Huge confusion and uncertainty surrounds the issue – except of course in the well made-up minds of the determined proponents of the various viewpoints. After a lifetime’s interest and wide reading on the matter, I find myself persuaded up to a point, or not so, by each main view. Here’s my assessment, for what it’s worth. You’ll see that I’m at least a little bit complimentary about each main view, and considerably complimentary about one or two – but not completely persuaded by any.
The Persuasiveness of the Various Origins Views (300kB pdf)

The Science and the Bible Origins Debate

The Science and the Bible Origins Debate is certainly one of the most vexed of all discussions in the evangelical Christian arena. In 2008 Christ Church Bromley, UK, hosted a debate on the subject. The .mp3 audio files, the PowerPoint demonstrations used by the two speakers, and an open response from two of us who were there, both of us non-Darwinists and provisional Old Earthers, are all on the Downloads page.